Holiday Favourites

From Speculaas to Oliebollen to Kruidnoten, whether you're keeping tradition alive or starting a new one, The Dutch Shop has unique and fun holiday items to suit your needs.


Holiday Products

Kruidnoten & Taai Taai

Kruidnoten and Pepernoten are small Dutch spice cookies, similar to speculaas or gingerbread. They're also super addictive.

Taai Taai are chewey honey and brown sugar cookies, commonly found in the shape of Sinterklaas



Traditionally a New Year's treat, these are fried dough balls with raisins, best served hot and coated in icing sugar.

The Dutch Shop will have fresh fried Oliebollen available for New Years Eve (and Appelflappen). You can pre-register for yours here. (Sold in bags of 1 dozen)



Not strictly a holiday thing, but best enjoyed in the cold weather with a warm cup of coffee or tea, Speculaas are an iconic part of any Dutch holiday season



Chocolate Letters

In Dutch tradition, everyone gets the first letter of their name in Chocolate on Sinterklaas. Available in Milk, Dark, or White. 

Chocolate Letters


These soft, chewy gingerbread cookies are coated with icing and occasionally chocolate.



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