Conimex Nasi Special 40g


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Indonesia; all inspiration. Open this bag and walk along the Indonesian markets. Nasi Speciaal was once conceived here as the interplay between rice, spices, fresh vegetables and pork. They mix, dry, let it rest ... and then; let go the taste!

Add yourself:

  • 450 g fried vegetables
  • 50 g bacon strips
  • 350 g pork
  • 350 g white rice
  • Conimex wok oil


  • Cook the rice according to the preparation method on the package and then let it cool.
  • Cut the pork into pieces. Stir-fry the chopped pork in 2 tablespoons of wok oil. Then add the bacon strips and stir-fry for 1 minute.
  • Add the vegetable package and stir fry it for 2 minutes. Now add the vegetable mix and 100 ml of water. Stir it well. When the water has evaporated, add the rice and spice mix and then heat it up over low heat.

Variation tips:

  • Day without meat? Bake an omelet and serve the Nasi with omelet strips and Conimex Javanese Sauce.
  • Serve with Conimex Kroepoek.
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