Coffee is an essential part of mornings, and you want to be sure you have the best in your cup to start the day off right. The Dutch Shop offers a great selection of premium European coffees.


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Want the convenience of a pod coffee machine with none of the guilt of plastic waste? Senseo is the answer. This high quality Dutch roast comes in biodegradable pods. Simply pop a pod into the refillable machine and press the button and it makes a creamy, dark cup of coffee every time.

The Dutch Shop carries a wide variety of Senseo coffees, as well as Senseo coffee makers.

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Senseo Coffees


Kanis Gunnink

Kanis Gunnink

Another authentic Dutch roaster, compatible with Senseo coffee machines or any organic pod machine.

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Douwe Egberts

Douwe Egberts

A classic, nearly universally recognized Dutch coffee. The Dutch Shop has original roast and decaf Douwe Egberts coffee grounds for any classic coffee maker.

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Douwe Egberts Coffees

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