New Products Roundup 2020-09-26

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New Products Roundup 2020-09-26

An overview of new products for October 2020.

Fall is officially here, and that is the best time for food. Soups, boerenkool, tea and speculaas - Fall is the wrong time of year to start a diet. Here's a look at some of the new products we're excited to share with you this autumn.

Mentos Berry Mix

Mentos Berry Mix

We now carry 35 varieties of Mentos! Who knew they even made that many? The latest addition is the Berry mix, a blend of cherry, raspberry and blackberry flavours.

Stash Fall Teas

Stash Fall Teas

Fall is the time for tea, and Stash welcomes the changing of the leaves with these limited time fall flavours. Try Cinnamon Vanilla, Maple Apple Cider, or Pumpkin Spice. The Pumpkin Spice has a picture of a pumpkin wearing a scarf and if that isn't everything then we can't help you.
Grab a sweater, a good book, and some speculaas and sip any of these on the back deck for the ideal fall experience.

Hela Curry Wurst Sauce

Hela Sauces

Hela is best known around here for its Curry Ketchup, but we've brought in a couple of new sauces for you to try in your last-gasp-of-summer barbecues, or on something for Thanksgiving. The Curry Wurst sauce is a German barbecue sauce, great for sausages or roasts. The Hamburger Sauce is, somewhat transparently, intended for hamburgers, but what would also do well on any kind of sandwich.

Golden Spoon Groentesoep

Golden Spoon Soups

If you're old enough to remember California brand soups, congratulations on your health. If you're more familiar with Florida brand soups, they have gone the way of California (the brand, not the state as far as I know). The new name in Dutch soups is Golden Spoon, and they've come with simple but honest soup mixes for Dutch vegetable soup (groentesoep) and chicken soup (kippensoep). Give them a try now that it's soup season again, and see how they stack up to their predecessors.


We have a couple other new products that aren't strictly fall related but interesting nonetheless. We hope you've enjoyed this summary, the next one will be mostly Christmas stuff before you know it!


  1. Suzanne de Waard Suzanne de Waard

    Ohh ja, Tony Chocoloney de witte en caramel zeezout!
    Heb nooit gezien dat die hier ook aangeboden werden. Hopelijk snel in de toekomst weer!

  2. Daniel Vandersteen Daniel Vandersteen

    Hi Clemens,
    We actually used to carry Tony's Chocolonely, but unfortunately for Canadians the price was just too high and it just didn't sell, so we dropped that line. Hopefully at some point in the future the price to import will come down and we can bring it in again.

  3. Clemens snoeijer Clemens snoeijer

    In the Netherlands the chocolate brand tony Chocolonely has become extremely popular. It’s sustainable Chocolate brand carried in most grocery stores in the Netherlands (jumbo, Albert Heijn, carrefour, etc) will you be added this product anytime to your product offering?

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